Committed to Quality
Specially developed steel with our own blending structure shows high hardness and toughness after heat treatment.
Committed to Excellent
Cutting Quality
The blades of Victor MCPHG realize both excellent sharpness and durability by the skillful craftsmanship with individually careful handmade work.
The eccentric function, the shorter distance between the fulcrum (joint point) and the cutting edge, enables easy cutting of even hard wires only with low power using lever operation, comparing with our usual products.
Committed to
High Accuracy
The cutting process using a machining center realizes high accuracy in processing and assembling work to avoid deformation and distortion for high quality products with easy opening of the blades.
Committed to
Easy Handling
The grips made of expanded elastomer resin and designed based on the human engineering realize easy grasping and reduced impact to a worker’s hand at the cutting action in order to care about safety and high workability of cutting workers.

As a precision nipper, the bearing enables you to cut things with its smooth movement and precise overlap of the blades as we use it to the connecting part. We introduce our unique carbide blades, which are very good to the resistence of the fricition, to the nipper and it's very suitable to cut piano wires, tungsten wires, hard steel wires and etc.
It's mainly used in places like factories and dental clinics.
Our professioinal craftsmen, who has won the title "professional craftsmen in Osaka (excellent craftemen in Osaka)" whose skill has been acknowledged as the best one in Osaka, produce each one extremely carefully with their marvelous skill.
Meister MR.OKAMURA has won the title "NANIWA NO MEIKOU" award, which shows one of the greatest professional craftsmen in Osaka


Committed to High Cutting
Quality and Corrosion
The stainless blades with smooth and clean surfaces brought by electropolishing to dissolve the minute unevenness on the blades realize high cutting sharpness by small power. The blades of high sharpness smoothly go into the cutting work to reduce possibility of their breakage even in cold winter.
During the electropolishing process, the strong and stable passivation film including plenty chrome is produced on the blade surface realizes high corrosion resistance.
Committed to High
Cutting Accuracy
The blades are carefully assembled with individual adjustment to go straight into the cutting works at a right angle for high cutting accuracy.
User Friendly Design
The product is designed based on our user friendly policy enables easy exchange of blades.